As with most worthwhile ventures, many people have helped me with this podcast series.  I am indebted to their participation and partnership.

First are the interview guests, without whom there would be no podcasts.  In agreeing to sit down with me and share their personal stories, they have demonstrated a generosity of spirit and courage (not because I ask tough questions per se, but because I am new to this endeavor).

I am also appreciative of the many assistants, representatives, and liaisons, who have helped to make the logistics of the interviews possible.

I am thankful for Chester Ang, who cheerfully volunteered his service in taking many of the photos on this site.  You can find more examples of his work at IG: not_ohagi_man.

Finally, I am grateful to my children who inspire me to create and my wife, Christine–who is my honest mirror, who reflects the little gifts I have and reveals the great many areas where I may improve.  I cannot ask for a truer companion in life.