Episode 4 – iNCH Chua, Singer/Songwriter/Artist

It is not easy to pin down iNCH Chua.  Starting as a singer/songwriter in her teen years in Singapore, she has since branched out and tried on other roles, including: producer, actress and artist.  As I found out in talking to her, she doesn’t care much for labels.  For the past 10 years, she has been a steady presence on the Singaporean indie music scene.  She first gained mainstream recognition in 2009, when she digitally distributed her first solo recording, The Bedroom, over the Internet.  Later, iNCH became the first Singaporean solo artist ever invited to play at a major US festival, South by Southwest at Austin, Texas in 2010.   All of this happened while she was still in school, barely 20 years of age.

For me, starting out as a podcaster, doing something out of interest and passion, I saw a bit of myself as iNCH tells her story…

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