Episode 3 – André Chiang, Chef & Restauranteur

Chef André Chiang grew up in Taiwan and Japan, but left for France at the age of 15 to study French cuisine.  What was to be a 2 to 3 year apprenticeship became a stay of ten plus years.  After working at some of the most renowned restaurants in France, Chef André moved to Singapore in 2008.  His restaurant here, Restaurant André, has collected numerous accolades over the years.  New York Times has called it one of “ten restaurants [in the world] worth a plane ride.”  Most recently, in 2017, Restaurant André was ranked #14 of the Top 50 Restaurants of the World and #2 in Asia.  And it all started with a young André deciding to learn cooking to help his mother, who was running a Chinese restaurant in Japan.

This conversation was recorded just a month before Chef André made the surprise announcement in early October 2017 that he will close Restaurant André the following year, on 14 February.  As you will hear on this episode, this is not the first time that Chef André has abruptly moved on from one triumph only to scale further heights.

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